Falling Hair

Today I did something I didn’t want to do – I shaved my friend’s head. As the clippers ran across her scalp, the last few delicate wisps of what had been a beautiful head of hair floated to the floor – it was special hair, hair that she had longed to keep. When the last strand had fallen, I soaked a washcloth in warm water and placed it over her newly naked skin. I hoped its warmth would bring her comfort – from the sounds she made, I think it did. When I took the cloth away she looked beautiful, if a little sad. With eyes wide she turned to look at me – they echoed the uncertainty of what was to come. I saw fragility balanced by strength and I was moved. My friend has cancer. Today was the day she had feared the most. I hope she didn’t feel like she had faced it alone.

8 Responses

  1. You’re a very kind person. That must have been almost as difficult for you as it was for your friend.

  2. How difficult. Hope treatments etc go well.

  3. TT – what a poignant story. To share that moment with someone who really cares must have given her strength indeed. VLiF

  4. So beautifully written, extremely moving. What a good friend you are.

  5. I hope your friend’s treatments go well and there is a positive outcome. Debs x

  6. To everyone who took the time to read and to comment on this post, thank you. I had seconds thoughts about posting it, as it was very difficult to write and very unlike any of my other posts. It was a tough day, for both us, but there was some laughter. She asked me to wax her legs as she couldn’t manage it herself, then burst out laughing when she saw the irony of her situation: where she had hair she didn’t want it and where she didn’t she wished she had – so unfair!

  7. Sometimes it is uncomfortable when you are sharing your deepest experiences and thoughts with the world, but the blogging world is slightly different than the real world around us. You can stay safe in the presence of strangers somehow.
    You will also attract good people to you who will share in your difficulties, be with you in spirit and keep you in their thoughts, Its powerful stuff, often these strangers become very good and lasting allies.

    Thanks so much for sharing and prayers for your brave friend.

  8. Very good luck to your friend. Not sure who I would trust to lop my hair off so you must be a very good friend.

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