‘Snakes and Ladders’ – That’s Life!

Yesterday I sat on the floor playing ‘Snakes and Ladders’ with Sonny.

The first time he landed on a snake he got frustrated and wanted to get up and walk away. I told him the game wasn’t over yet, that he still had a chance to win and if he continued to play, with the next throw of the dice he might just land on a ladder. Even if he didn’t, it didn’t matter; he had to keep on trying right to the very end. He might win, he might lose, but he would never know unless he tried.

Then it dawned on me. Through this simple child’s game I was teaching my son some very important skills: how to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life.

We all land on the odd slippery snake every now and again. The slide down can leave us feeling battered and bruised but we have to hang on in there, carry on believing that there will be a ladder to help us back up. If not, what else is there?

Gosh, that was a bit profound for a Friday afternoon; I don’t know what’s come over me! Think I am just feeling a bit maudlin because my car’s a write-off (see previous post).

You are probably wondering if my son won the game? – of course he did. I thought the lesson on losing could keep for another day.



4 Responses

  1. lovely post. we were just playing snakes and ladders today. i never thought of it like that but you are right life is full of snakes and ladders.

  2. sometimes it takes a while to find a ladder, but they always how up in the end!

  3. Hello TarteTartan,

    Just read the last three posts of your very interesting blog. Your “ex” sounds a bit of a “snake” (dare I say that!) and you have a little lad in “ladders” and the tiddly winks could be represented by “Golden Balls”. Shame you couldn’t get a photo of “GB” exposing himself and then make it into a poster(s)…and plaster them around the village. Could you do the same thing with your bank statements and plaster them outside the house (yours) in which your ex lives? That should spice up French village life quite nicely!

  4. HHW – thank you
    Rosie – yes, you are right.
    Hadriana – you are a wicked girl..I like your thinking!

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