For your eyes only!

‘Just for your eyes alone’ was the title of a handwritten letter dropped in my postbox the other day. There was no envelope, just a scrappy piece of lined paper, which had obviously been torn straight out of a school jotter. Intrigued by the title I unfolded it, unsure of what I would find. It read (and I kid you not!):




I no this is not the best way of doing this, but its been since a long of time that I really want to meet you and know you, buts its not easy for me to come and talk to a beautiful lady (why, thank you) like you. You know in the village you have lots of paparazzi (Victoria Beckham has nothing on me!). So I don’t want to cost you any problem. This why I prefer to do it this way.


I no you will be guessing who am I (too bloody right I am). You already saw me and me too. But anyhow, if you want to know more about me you can try to call me or mail me at.


Email address and mobile phone number


I promise you will not regrette doing this. Please let it be a secret between me and you. (i.e. please don’t show this to your big, ex-royal marine boyfriend)





My initial reaction was ‘OHMYGOLLYGOSH’ I have a secret admirer, how exciting! Which was swiftly followed by ‘OHMYGOD’ this letter was hand delivered to my postbox. What if he is a nutty stalker? He knows where I live!


My life is never dull…



Nice paper! How not to woo a woman.

Nice paper! How not to woo a woman.


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  1. Hi, there’s a little something for you too over at my place. Hopefully a bit better presented….

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