It’s only a piece of metal, isn’t it?

Nose squashed and wheels buckled, my little, green car made its last ever journey today…to the breakers yard.


I was handed a cheque for 50 Euros (it was worth about 2,500 Euros before the accident), then asked to sign a piece of paper agreeing to its destruction.


As it was hoisted onto the back of a lorry I could feel myself welling up.

Not because I was particularly attached to the car (it is just a piece of metal after all), but because I was about to lose something far more precious: my freedom


I have fought so hard to get it back over that last few years that I am reluctant to let it go.


I live in rural France, there is no bus service, I don’t like to rely on others and without a car I feel trapped.



Usual jovial self should be back by tomorrow…promise


The Certificate of Destruction

The Certificate of Destruction


6 Responses

  1. Back to the bicycle and the school bus eh…
    If there is anything left in your piggy bank you should try this site.

    The french government have decided to sell all their vehicles and rent them instead. This means there are some amazing deals here for second hand vehicles. We were going to buy one for our son, but perhaps we should await his licence!

  2. Wow, sounds great. Will have a look. Thanks Rosie.

  3. Know exactly how you feel. Sold my car to my dad (who else??) as he needed it pronto. Big mistake. It took me ages to get it replaced with something proper. That link from Rosie sounds brilliant. Good luck with that!

  4. Hadriana – you dutiful daughter, you! Hope you have something nice now!

  5. Oh TT – I feel your pain.
    Try not to become a hermit…will you be able to get some new wheels soon?

  6. Confused – some good news. My boyfriend has got me a car on loan from a friend and has promised to get me a new car as soon as he has enough money – not such a bad bloke after all.

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