There may be trouble ahead…

If anyone ever wanted to make a film about me, they wouldn’t be short of material. This is what happened to me this morning. At 9am I was rudely awakened from my sleep by three armed men banging at the door. They were gendarmes (policemen) and they wanted to talk to me about a very delicate situation. I had already had an argument with one of them over the phone on Sunday morning, and because of my refusal to comply with his ridiculous demands, he had brought his friends round (safety in numbers – I must have sounded very scary on the phone) to pay me a little visit.


After pulling on a bizarre assortment of clothes (no girl wants to be arrested in her dressing gown after all – I have already seen one of my neighbours, hands cuffed behind her back, being carted away in hers), I ran downstairs, opened the door and invited them in for a coffee, guns and all. As they arranged themselves around my small, kitchen table, I poured the coffee and prepared myself for what I knew would be a difficult conversation.


To be continued…



7 Responses

  1. Noooo! Don’t leave us with this cliffhanger! Must know more about the armed men!

  2. Very curious! Read your story re your car – oh dear I get very attached to my cars and cry when they go! Must be hard for you to be so stuck without a car. Find a sugar daddy and get him to buy you one! Hope you get sorted soon – what about a putt putt to get around on?

  3. the neighbours will be gossiping…entertaining the troops on a Sunday morning….

  4. Oh please do go on…I keep checking back for an update!
    What have you done???
    Is it the stalker?

  5. Jaywalkers & Confused – sorry, didn’t mean to leave it quite so long. Am having trouble finding time to write at the moment. Should have something new tomorrow, if not, Sat at the latest. Hang on in there if you can.
    P.s It’s nothing to do with the stalker.
    MOB – can you get side cars for Putt Putts?
    Rosie – how does that old saying go?…better to be talked about than not at all.

  6. If I haven’t said so before…I’ll say it (possibly again)…thank you for the blogroll inclusion. Yes…go on tell us more….am all ears….!

  7. Hadriana – You are welcome. This is bit of a tale, so it taking some time to write/edit. Hope to publish it on Tues, when Sonny goes back to school.

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