What has he done?

I am feeling restless tonight and my boyfriend is to blame. Earlier today he very kindly informed me that he has ‘sold his soul to the devil’ to buy me a new car. I am not sure what kind of pact he has made but he looks as nervous as hell and has spent the whole day at the bar drowning his sorrows.


I want to know what he has done but he refuses to tell me. He has tried to fob me off with the usual “it’s nothing for you to worry about” routine, but the tremble in his voice has made me think otherwise.


I have been forbidden to question him further. The matter is closed for discussion. Apparently it is “nothing illegal” and I should “rest assured” that there “won’t be any repercussions” for me should it go wrong (now, why don’t I believe him when he says that?)


As I would rather have no car than a boyfriend involved in something he is obviously not comfortable with, I have told him to call the deal off. I have even given him the perfect get out clause; to buy a friend’s car and pay it off in instalments with my help. But no, he is determined to do it ‘his’ way and to make ‘me’ feel bad for it.


Male pride has a lot to answer for!



4 Responses

  1. Uh oh! That can’t be good. I hope its nothing major.

  2. Meg – thank you for dropping by. I hope it’s nothing major too. I could really do without the stress at the moment.

  3. your blog is intriguing. I will keep reading.

  4. Hum … I wouldn’t feel great either at your place. I hpe it’s nothing bad either.

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