Silly Mama


The other morning I came downstairs to find Sonny sitting on the sofa with a stone the size of a large avocado tucked under his bottom.


 “Er…Sonny…why are you sitting on a stone?”  I enquired, as any normal mother would.


“It’s not a stone,” he sighed, lifting his left butt cheek to give me a better look.  “It’s a dinosaur egg and I’m trying to hatch it.”


“Oh…silly me…of course it is,” I replied, trying to not to show my surprise.


Several hours later I sat down with a cup of tea and saw the “egg” neglected on the floor. Thinking this was the perfect opportunity to make amends for my earlier faux pas, I said to Sonny:


“Do you what me to sit on your egg for a while?”


And do you know what the little monkey said?


“It’s only a stone, you silly Mama!”


Thanks for that one son!


3 Responses

  1. Anyway, dinosaurs do not exist anymore, in France at least 😉

  2. haha – oh the imaginative minds of the young ones eh?

  3. very imaginative mind:)) funny story anyway

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