Wordless Wednesday

 For once, Sonny is lost for words.


(thanks to East Anglian Troy)


“Well Mama, can I call these Frogmen?”


8 Responses

  1. I would be too. What are the men doing?

  2. What a great picture! And, by the way, how are the fish? Hope you’re enjoying your day!

    “Well Mama, can I call these Frogmen?”

  4. Maggie – thanks for visiting. The photo was taken in Collioure (south of Perpignan) 2 weeks ago. My son was playing in the waves when these 3 just popped up out of the water. My son has never seen a man in a diving suit before, so he was pretty surprised.
    Deanne – the fish are alive and well…for the time being! They now live on the floor of my son’s bedroom, so I will have to keep an eye on them when his friends come round.
    EAT – Do you mind me calling you that? Excellent caption. I am going to steal it and put it underneath my own (with a link to your site) if that is OK with you?

  5. collioure is also memorable for its wine as well as its frogmen… We have holidayed there now and then!

  6. I’m trying to get my new friends in Blogland to call me Troy rather than EAT or E.A.T. It’s not my real name but I’m getting quite attached to it already.

  7. Rosie – yes, I the wine is rather nice. And the seafood….mmmm
    Troy – Troy it is then!

  8. Hmm. That photo brings back the diving memories. My husband is a frogman so that must make me a froglady!

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