Six things you may or may not want to know about me

I have been tagged by Hadriana’s Treasures to write 6 random things about myself. So here goes:


I used to work in a company where every employee was left-handed like me. They didn’t have a policy of employing lefties, it just seemed to happen that way.


I once got a PR job based purely on my handwriting. Several weeks later I was told by one of the firm’s partners (who was known for her forked tongue) that I was ‘a nobody’ because I hadn’t been to public school and didn’t talk with a ‘plummy’ accent. Seething, I plucked a copy of Debrett’s ‘People of Today’ off her bookshelf, flicked through the pages and pointed to my name within. “Oh, I had no idea,” she stuttered, her face getting redder by the minute. “Well, now you do,” I responded, as I stormed out of the room. I went straight to the other partner, told him what had happened and handed in my notice. He was shocked and begged me to stay, tears and all.  I refused and haven’t worked in PR since.


When I lived in my last house, there was an owl that would come and visit me in the middle of the night. It would sit on the window ledge and watch over me while I slept. I have been told that this is a bad omen. As the visits took place when I was going through hell with my ex, maybe there is some truth in this?


I have grade 6 in both piano and clarinet. My piano is still in my old house. I intend to reclaim it when I find somewhere more permanent to live. When I do, I am going to teach Sonny how to play.


I wash my face with olive oil, but cook with coconut oil (how random is that?)


I would like to have more children, but am not in the financial position to do so at the moment. I am hoping that I don’t run out of time.


Now that you know more about me, I have to spin the bottle and choose 6 fellow bloggers to do the same. And the lucky few are: 


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7 Responses

  1. Debrett’s! Crikey! Good for you for showing ’em! Even if the Debrett’s thing isn’t true….it is show stopping stuff and a great improvisation on the spur of the moment. If it is true…well done, well done. (I just love those sort of tales!)

    Funnily enough I’ve played the piano and clarinet. Piano to grade 5 and clarinet to grade minus 2!!!

  2. Hadriana – the Debrett’s entry is for real. Am in there because of my Dad – nothing I have done, I am afraid.
    Clarinet a bit of a bugger to play and not particularly sociable. Much better to have grade 5 in piano.

  3. ooh I did it! I play piano too and really miss it (I’m not very good though). Does washing your face with olive oil work well? I might try it…

  4. Thanks for tagging me (he said half truthfully). I’m also left handed and also it just happened that way. I was most impressed with the Debrett’s entry. I didn’t realise I was blogging with the aristocracy ma’am.
    Did you check the owl carefully – apparently, and I only became aware of this in the last ten years, they carry packages. Ornithologically it may just have meant “you have mail” rather than being anything sinister (gosh – left handed again).
    Clarinets may be a bugger to play but they are easier to carry around than pianos unless you have some docile chimpanzees.

  5. For me, piano and singing (solfege) grade 6 ! it seems we are all kind of hiden artists here (but I didn’t play since long, not sure about my actual skills too much).

  6. Ooh that owl thing freaked me out. I’ve always thought they were cute with their terwit terwoos.
    Anyway, Finally got around to doing it, but have done seven and only tagged two. Sorry, read the rules a but wrong…

  7. Piano seems to be quite a popular intsrument it would seem!Frances – Spanish organic extra virgin is the best (Greek and Italian oils are a too heavy). Mix it with salt or sugar and for a bit of exfoliation. If I need to give my skin an extra boost, I sometimes slather it on before going to bed. You should try it. Though your man will probably think you have lost the plot and laugh at your shiny forehead.

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