Wheelie useful

Brace yourselves. After several months without transport I have a new…wheelbarrow.





Yes, that is my shopping inside. I love it. It is easy to park, builds muscles, costs nothing to run and is environmentally friendly. Ask your partner for one for Christmas. It is never too late to start saving the planet.


Ps. Kids love to ride in it too! Think of how many calories you could burn doing the school run (literally, if you are running late).


8 Responses

  1. Reminds me of the old Skoda car joke. “Why do Skodas have twin exhausts”. Answer : “So that you can pick them up and wheel them home when they breakdown.”
    (and why the heated rear screen? – to keep your hands warm when you have to push them).
    Oldies but goldies!

  2. Troy – hee hee, that did make me chuckle.

  3. Ooh! This is a good idea for the school run…and the calories….yep. will definitely keep it mind! Hx

  4. you’re definitly right! When I was a Child, my grand-dad used to to take his wheelbarrow (a new english world for me tonight:) to go shopping to our local “intermarché”, and of course, i always sat inside. Now, I live in town, so it’s a bit difficult for me to have one, and I just go shopping with a shopping bag ( because i’m eco friendly too of course, I don’t want any plastic bag at home!) But if ever I am to leave the city center one day, I know what will be my first duty!

    Well i hope that my english isn’ t too poor, I lived in England for a while, but I’m certainly making tons of mistakes 😀

  5. Ha love it. Do you get a few strange looks though??

  6. Lol sure beats the wheelie bags.

  7. I love your wheelbarrow and would love one of these for my poo picking, mine is small and usually has a flat tyre. Loving your creative use of this big beast!

  8. Hadriana – Go on , I dare you!
    Camille – Thanks for dropping by. I bet you loved riding around in your Grandad’s wheelbarrow. And don’t worry, your English is just fine.
    Confused – No, not really, as so many people do it round here.
    DJ – I have one of those too, but it doesn’t hold quite so much and my son hates getting inside (joke).
    Frances – I could probably fill my wheelbarrow with poo, as the streets are covered with the stuff round here. I had to dodge 3 different piles as I came out of my front gate this morning.

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