As I write this, the oven is whirring away and the smell of Nigella’s Chocolate Cloud Cake is wafting through the air. Ooooh, it is diviiiiiiiiine…retribution for having a dirty oven. Sadly, the cake is long gone. It was made (and eaten) on Sunday and all that remains is what I am smelling now, some soon-to-be-burnt, chocolaty blobs at the bottom of my oven. If only I had removed them before putting the butternut squash in for lunch. It’s so unfair!


While I am on the subject of cake, I might as well show you one I made for my friends the other week. Three birthdays, one party and an empty purse meant I had to get a bit creative in the kitchen. This was the result:



My friends brought to life in sugar paste. They all loved it, except for R (the heavy smoker), who I had depicted with a cigarette in his mouth. How was I supposed to know that he had stopped smoking a few days before and didn’t want to be reminded of his previous addiction?


“Nevermind,” said M, coming to the rescue. “I still like the odd puff now and again. Do you mind if I have it?”


And with that she lifted the offending white stick from the cake, popped it in her mouth, chewed on it for a bit then said,  “I can see why people give up. That was disgusting.”




15 Responses

  1. wow what a cake…you are an artist

  2. yummy! I’m something like one of the worst cake maker ever, exept for tiramisu, but I am a cake connaisseur and this one looks damn good!

  3. Waou ! Your cake looks great ! You are definitely an artist !

  4. wow, impressed. Especially that you included the ciggie.
    New career perhaps?

  5. Yep…roll over Jane Asher….here’s tartetartan ta da!!! Very talented….

  6. I’m tempted to coat the bottom of our oven with chocolate then I’d get a lovely aroma every day.
    That is one cool cake – you should do it as a business!

  7. that looks great! but you really shouldn’t punish your self with only the smell of delicious chocolate cake.. that’s just not right!

    at least grab a couple chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of milk!

  8. he he brilliant cake, reminding me to get my finger out and think abbout Leo’s 5 th birthday next sat!!!!!!

  9. You make great cakes!

  10. I love this cake, have you ever thought of setting up a business doing this???? How would the french take to it I wonder?

    Hope all well with you, sorry to hear about K’s new housemate, come over for a chat and some tea and biscuits some time if you like.

    Love the wheelbarrow btw, I am jealous, mind you when one cannot afford a fiat 500, wheelbarrows must suffice. Unfortunately, I cannot even afford wheelbarrow at the moment.

  11. Sorry, I meant to say your ex and K, whoops, hope that wasn’t a Freudian slip 😉
    x x x x x x x x x

  12. Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2009! Hx

  13. Fantastic Cake! Great Blog! Just to let you know I have given you an award. Come to my blog and see!

  14. Spiffing cake old girl! Only just now managed to find my way back to your blog. Hope life is treating you well.

  15. You do live up to your name – fantastic cake! Hope all is going well in 2009, and yah boo to your ex! x

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