Heaven on earth

Last night I looked out my window and saw this: a perfect ‘arc en ciel’ that spanned the entire valley.  As I stepped outside to get a closer look, I was bathed in the most ethereal pink light I have ever seen. I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven.  Beautiful.


4 Responses

  1. From your last post to this.
    Just goes to proove the sub heading to your blog, that life can be as sticky as it is sweet..
    And we never know what a new day will bring!

    Lucky you, seeing your Arc-en-Ciel in full colour.

  2. Many things to catch up on:
    1. Many congrats on new job…well done you!
    2. Thank goodness you avoided your neighbour….!!
    3. Sorry I did not answer your question about how to lose weight…how’s it all going? I’m finally back online but have got on course so only blog in snippets. You’ll look fab in that dress I know you will….Hxx
    4. Yes…the photo and rainbow are divine………….

  3. It certainly is a beautiful picture. It is so good that life still has some surprises in the way the world presents itself in a completely new light.

  4. Pippi – Have you got a blog? Have tried to find you, but haven’t had any luck!! Leave a link next time you drop by.
    Hadriana – Lovely to hear from you. Your are so busy at the mo. Thanx for taking the time to drop by.
    MOB – Money can’t buy everything! Nature is a very powerful force.

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