A few vital statistics to light the way:


Age: 34

Sex:  Female

Nationality: Scottish

Status: Single (separated)

Children: 1 Boy ‘Sonny’ (6yrs)

Address: Flat with very sunny terrace and 1 tomato plant, beautiful medieval town, bottom of a valley, southwest France.

Education: Lots, including a degree in English which seems to have come in handy after all.

Previous Employment: Charity, Sales, PR Fashion/Publishing, PA, Design and Production Ass/Studio Coordinator, Freelance Production Ass, Creative Talent Agency (Photographers, Artists and Writers) Agent/Coordinator, Photographic Agent/Ass, Mother, Crèche Ass, Charity Case i.e. unemployed and financially challenged. Oh, the circle of life!

Other relevant Info:  Moved to rural France with partner and 5-month-old son in 2002.  Partner and I encountered difficulties in our relationship and it became clear that one of us had to go – and it wouldn’t be him. With minimum French, catapulted myself back into the job market and got a 2-year contract as an ‘Aide Maternelle’ in the local crèche. This allowed me to get my own flat and my independence. Contract finished November 2007 and have since embarked on a full-time French course, with a view to getting work that pays more than the minimum wage. Really need to get my car* fixed (entering it from the passenger side, then kangarooing along the road for the first 5 minutes is no fun whatsoever, unless you are a 6-yr-old boy), so wish me luck! 





 *Update Aug 08: What car? Boyfriend wrote it off in a ditch 2 nights ago and it is beyond repair – though the insurance company did offer me some money to replace the windscreen, which, ironically, is the only bit still in intact. And just when I thought I was getting my life back on track…



Why this blog?


I have been writing for years, it is only now that I am ready to share. Taking thoughts from my head and seeing them on screen helps me to ‘figure things out’. As I am constantly at war in my head, I imagine I will always write.  I have many stories to tell, of our move to France and the crazy situations we subsequently ended up in (even our friends and family can’t believe some of them), and of my topsy turvy existence after leaving my son’s father.


I love to read about other people’s lives and hope you enjoy reading about mine. As it has been said many times before: the truth can be stranger than fiction. If my life is anything to go by, I have to agree.




Ever get the feeling that you wear too much black?

Ever get the feeling that you wear too much black?


I think Sonny may just have a point.

I think Sonny may just have a point.








All words are my own and are copyrighted to me © 2008 tartetartan


18 Responses

  1. hey, what a journey.

    glad to have wandered your way now too.

    strength and clarity to you!

  2. Wow, what a story. You really are an inspiration. I know quite a few women in similar situations as yours here in France and I am just so impressed at the strength you find to keep going on.
    I’ll be reading your blog! It’s beautifully written.

  3. Just discovered you via ‘a bitch in brittany’. Words fail me – I’m so impressed they don’t fail you. I’ll be following you and wishing you well

  4. Frankofile – Lovely to have you on board. Will be skipping along to your site for a sneaky peek v. soon.

  5. Great to meet you. Really enjoyed reading your blog and great name ‘tartetartan’. You have some resilience. Your son is lucky his mother is one of lifes copers. I hope there are good times coming soon for you. Will definitely be back.

  6. Good luck to you and little Sonny in all of life’s endeavours! No matter what is thrown at you…if you can be a strong mum…your little chap will treasure that forever. You seem pretty strong to me! As someone said to me recently…”straight forward” life is boring. It’s the rough bits which usually bring the greatest rewards in life.

  7. Thanks girls. TTx

  8. Congrats. I have seen hundreds of expat women blogs and yours stands out as one of the handful that draws me in immediately, just by your writing style. You write in a very witty and amusing way. Makes for a great read. Keep it up and good luck with your ‘new’ life in France. 🙂

    Andrea Martins
    Director, ExpatWomen.com

  9. I stumbled upon your blog and love it. From one single mama of a six year old boy to another, peace and blessings.

  10. Justyn – thanks for your lovely comment. Am going to have a little look at your site now.

  11. Hello TT!
    Thanks for visiting my site.
    Love your blog- beautifully written.

    I will be coming back for more!

    SH xxxxx

  12. Ok so tracked down thwe Pumpkin Butter there are these out there. Recipe Girl said you buy it in the US but it’s dead simple and much nicer to make your own. I have a pumpkin here so tomorrow I’m going in I’ll let you know. Hope life gets better for you, here’s to a good new year for you guys clairexx



    love clairex

  13. No postings since November 2008 – I hope everything is okay with you. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and hope to see you posting again in the near future.

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  15. Enjoyed finding your blog very much. Glad you came back and bravo for your Toffle.

  16. Just stopped by your blog, have passed by on and off and have to say I have really enjoyed the read.

    I have been back and forth from London to Paris for the past year and a half or so, and have now settled down in Paris to live with my french boyfriend.

    It is comforting to read your stories about settling in France and how you have bravely made it work for you.

    I hope to do the same!


  17. Rosie and PPlongstocking – thank you for dropping by and for leaving such lovely comments. TTx

  18. Thank you for your comment on Mrs Trefusis – so lovely to have been led to your blog, which I’ve just enjoyed reading enormously and look forward to visiting again soon. And I so loved your ‘Arc en ciel’ picture – made my heart sing with joy. xx

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